Looking towards Lent - everything you need to get ready for the journey.

With Ash Wednesday just a fortnight away, we wanted to share with you our plans for Lent, so you can get hold of books and watch films which will set you up for the journey.  

On Ash Wednesday itself we'll be holding a eucharist via Zoom at 7.30pm, with home-ashing.  More details (and ashes) to follow.
Word in the Wilderness:  a poem a day for Lent and Easter:  thank you to all those who have volunteered to read a poem (or two) for our daily YouTube reflections.  Our daily choice of poem will be based on Malcolm Guite's book of the same name, recommended by Pat Atkins, one of our churchwardens.  We'll be posting a poem and a piece of music each day;  if you'd like to go deeper into some of the content you might like to get hold of a copy of Malcolm's book which also has a further daily reflection for you to follow.  
Bible study:  as we continue to reflect on our calling here at St John's, Father Wayne will be leading a Tuesday evening Bible study via Zoom based on the Five Marks of Mission - more details about these here.  
Still Standing:  a study course based on the film 'Rocket Man':  Rev. Tracey will be leading this Thursday evening study group via Zoom, using Rachel Mann's book.   If you'd like to join the group, then it probably makes sense to watch the film beforehand, either on DVD or a streaming service.  If you'd like to read Rachel's book (because it contains more material than we're likely to be able to cover in each session) you can buy a copy here and also check out the themes covered each week.
USPG:  For Such A Time As This:  We're really keen that those in our congregation who don't access Zoom can still share reflections during Lent and, again at Pat Atkins' suggestion, we're planning to get copies of USPG's Lent course, which this year is called For Such A Time As This, to those on our paper newsletter circulation.  If you'd like to follow the course yourself, you can access a copy of the materials here, or order a paper copy in the post.
There are also some weekly Zoom sessions planned alongside the course at which you can meet with USPG mission partners in the global South - details in the link above, but these do look really interesting.
So - plenty to be going on with!  The ministry team look forward to you joining us on the journey.

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